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6 Pro Tips For Your Startup Success In 2019

23.03.19 04:20 PM
As a startup, we all need motivation, targeted goals, and action plan to launch a successful startup. It is more than three months now for New Year 2019 and all we have made the various resolution for launching startups in 2019. After a month most of us couldn’t change few habits that we would love to change; we have not started eating healthy, not doing regular exercise, waking up early in the morning and many habits that we listed to change. And if you have a startup then you might have more resolution and problem as well. The most common problem for startups in India is cash flow for the venture; there are very few options available with the rising fund at the initial stage of the startup. As we know most of the startup could not afford the dedicated office spaces, startups in India mostly inclined towards the coworking office space. As we passed the first 3 months of the New Year, here onwards we should set our SMART Goals (Smart, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, & Time-bound) for better results.

Let’s not talk about the past what we could do better in upcoming months for growing our startup, here we have discussed essential startups tips in 2019. 

1.Put everything on paper:

You may have many ideas or plans in your mind for your startup, jot down everything you are thinking as future plans for startups. After this, you need to discuss your plans and ideas with your co-founders and team because every co-founder thinks something different for the future. At the initial stage all we can be on the same page for the startup but for future plans, everyone may have a few different plans so it is really important to discuss all these things.

By the discussion, you can aware your team, about the plans and how to move on for it. It is necessary to understand expected dos and don’t for the startup.

2. Don’t spend too much time on planning

You may be and may not be agreeing with me for this advice but I would like to narrate a success story here. Clare Sutcliffe is a founder of Code Club Company which was satarted in 2012. I m quoting his advice here “we have two sayings that push us forward and let us make decisions quickly. The first is ‘Good artist’ and second is ‘Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness later’. So my advice would be ‘do your research, and then just get on with it’.” 

We don’t want sound like we are against the planning; planning is essential for startup success but don't spend ages on planning.

3. Focus on Brand Awareness 

Most of the startup didn’t care about the creating brand but creating a brand is essential and you should work on it from the first day of your startup. This year, you must have the plan for extending the visibility of your brand and whether it sounds well with the current target customers of your product or not.

As we discussing best tips for startup in 2019, we would not suggest you invest lots of money with hiring a reputed marketing agency. Let’s find the best and efficient small brands to promote your brand. These days it is really hard to find a reliable company from the current market buzz. There are numerous options available for brand awareness where social media would be the primary source of connecting with people. 

4. Get the co-working space

Coworking spaces in India are designed to be as dynamic with considering the need for startups in India. Shared office spaces can offer flexibility and functionality that you won’t get at home. A co-working or shared office space comes with cost-saving option alongside it offers flexibility, central location, and more networking opportunities.

It is always good to keep business expenses as low as possible especially if it is a startup. If you need an office space to run your startup especially in metropolitan cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi etc. better option is to search office space on sharing basis in Pune, Mumbai or any other big cities. You can visit SOP Hub for best coworking spaces in Pune.

5. Hiring Right People

The success of your startup depends on your team, the organization is as strong as the employees are. Make sure while hiring employees, they should have strong skill sets and the important is they should in line with your organization values. 

6. Importance of Communication

Communication plays an important role in the success of any business; startup or any other business should have a transparent system so that anyone can share their opinion without any pressure or fear. Communication and sharing thoughts just not important for the transparent system it also developed a healthy work environment. For a successful startup business, you should keep misunderstandings and ego at bay.

We think you have got few points here and few of them you might already know but we need a reminder and we thought it cloud be the best reminder for all startups across the globe. If you are looking for temporary office space in Pune SOP Hub providing most affordable office spaces across Pune. Stay tuned to know more about our co-working+ concepts let us know your thoughts about shared office space in Pune, in the comment section.