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The 5 Best Co-Working Spaces in the World – SOP Hub

By Pratik Palse

You must want to know the best co-working office space in the world. In this blog we have mention top 5 best coworking office spaces.
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Why to use SOP Hubs' Shared Office Spaces?

By Pratik Palse

Co-authored by Faisal ShahAs a manager or the owner of the company, the upper levels of the company primarily want to make sure that their employees are on time and leave only after their daily work is done. No one would in any circumstance like to pay someone for just showing up for no time and lea...
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Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages of Coworking Space

By Pratik Palse

A coworking space is an innovative hub wherein people having respective expertise in their individual fields work together. Since coworking spaces are available instantly, they encourage startups to rise and get along with work without having to worry about having a fixed office at any location.
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6 Pro Tips For Your Startup Success In 2019

By Pratik Palse

The most common problem for startups in India is cash flow for the venture; there are very few options available with rising fund at the initial stage. As we know most of the startup could not afford the dedicated office spaces, startups in India mostly inclined towards the coworking office space.
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Guide to Office Locations in Pune - Part 1

By Pratik Palse

Find a list of Office Locations in Pune and which one to choose. This is a complete guide to choosing your office location in Pune. Here you will find everything you need to choose an office in Pune and deciding its location.

Deciding where you and your colleagues or employees will spend your office ...

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